Dussmann Gulf Careers Dubai | Latest Job Openings 2023

Are you looking for exciting career opportunities in Dubai’s fast-paced business landscape? Dussmann Gulf Careers will be the best option for you, it is a leading facility management company, that offers a range of job opportunities for talented individuals who seek professional growth and a rewarding work environment. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of Dussmann Gulf’s careers in Dubai and why it is an ideal destination for aspiring professionals.

  • Company Name: Dussmann Gulf
  • Job Location: Dubai
  • Application Mod: Online
  • Recruitment Type: Direct
  • Expected Salary: – 1500-2500 AED
  • Qualification: Highs School- Equivalent- Plus two – Degree Diploma
  • Nationality: Any
  • Age Limit: 21 – 40
  • Experience: Absolutely mandatory
  • Benefits:  As per UAE labor law

Opportunities at Dussmann Gulf Careers

1. Office Boy


  • A high school diploma or equivalent educational qualification is typically required.
  • An office boy should have basic organizational skills to maintain a tidy and organized workspace and assist in organizing office materials.
  • Effective communication is essential to understand instructions from supervisors and respond to the needs of office staff.
  • Good physical stamina is necessary to handle these tasks effectively.

2. Male Cleaners


  • Cleaning tasks often involve extended periods of standing, bending, and lifting, so physical endurance is necessary.
  • Cleaners must maintain strict hygiene standards to ensure a safe and clean environment for occupants.
  • Cleaners handle valuable items and sensitive information, so they must be responsible and trustworthy.

About Dussmann Gulf

Dussmann Gulf is a renowned facility management company with a strong presence in Dubai, providing integrated solutions to an impressive portfolio of clients. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Dussmann Gulf has carved a niche for itself in the region’s facility management industry.

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Dussmann Gulf offers diverse job opportunities across various departments, including engineering, housekeeping, security, administration, and more. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a fresh graduate, there are positions suitable for everyone.

How to Apply For Dussmann Gulf Careers?

Applying for a job at Dussmann Gulf Careers is a straightforward and convenient process. If you are interested in joining the team and exploring career opportunities with the premier facility management company in Dubai, follow these steps to apply through [email protected]. To know about the latest job vacancies in the company, you should have a look at the company website or other job portals. Before applying, ensure that you have an updated and well-organized CV that highlights your qualifications, work experience, educational background, and any relevant skills.

Preparing a cover letter can enhance your application by providing a brief introduction of yourself and expressing your interest in working with Dussmann Gulf. start writing the email to the address [email protected]. try to mention the job title you are applying for in the subject of the email. Attach your updated CV to the email. If you have prepared a cover letter, include it as well. Ensure that both documents are in a common file format, such as PDF or Word. Double-check your email for any errors or missing information. Once you are satisfied, click the “Send” button to submit your application.

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Dussmann Gulf Careers Interview Process

The Dussmann Gulf Careers Interview Process is designed to identify the most suitable candidates who align with the company’s values, possess the required skills, and demonstrate the potential to contribute to the organization’s success. The process involves several stages, each aimed at assessing the candidate’s qualifications, experience, and fit for the available job positions. The process begins with the HR team reviewing all received applications sent through email.

Shortlisted candidates may be invited for a pre-screening interview conducted either over the phone or through video conferencing. Successful candidates from the pre-screening round are invited for a direct interview. During the direct interview, candidates may meet with the HR team, department managers, or potential team members. This stage allows for a more detailed discussion of the candidate’s skills, work history, and suitability for the specific role.

Candidates may be asked to provide examples of how they handled specific situations in previous roles, demonstrating their approach to challenges and teamwork. Upon successfully completing the final interview, a formal job offer may be extended to the candidate. Once the candidate accepts the job offer, they will go through the onboarding process, where they will receive necessary information about company policies, procedures, and benefits.

Dussmann Gulf Careers Benefits And Perks

Dussmann Gulf is known for valuing its employees and offering a range of benefits and perks to create a supportive and rewarding work environment. While specific benefits may vary depending on the position and level within the organization, here are some common benefits and perks that employees may enjoy as part of their Dussmann Gulf careers:

  1. Competitive Salary: Dussmann Gulf Careers provides its employees with competitive and market-aligned salary packages, ensuring that their hard work and dedication are duly recognized and rewarded.
  2. Health Insurance: Employees may have access to comprehensive health insurance plans that cover medical expenses, ensuring their well-being and that of their dependents.
  3. Paid Time Off: Dussmann Gulf typically offers paid time off, including vacation days, sick leave, and holidays, to promote work-life balance and employee well-being.
  4. Training and Development: The company is committed to the professional growth of its employees and may provide various training and development programs to enhance their skills and knowledge.
  5. Career Advancement Opportunities: Dussmann Gulf encourages internal career growth and may offer opportunities for employees to progress within the organization based on their performance and potential.

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Dussmann Gulf Careers offers exciting career opportunities for individuals seeking to be a part of Dubai’s premier facility management company. With a strong commitment to excellence, employee growth, and a supportive work environment, Dussmann Gulf stands out as an employer of choice in the region. Don’t miss the chance to explore the multitude of opportunities and benefits offered by Dussmann Gulf.





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